Some states require regular safety inspections and/or emissions inspections on cars and trucks. At Six Forks Station Exxon, we are well-equipped and trained to perform these inspections. Our technicians can also perform multi-point inspections on your vehicles as needed.

These are some of the inspection services we offer.

NC State Certified Emissions Repair Facility
A state certified emissions repair facility is a privately owned motor vehicle repair facility, licensed to repair emission-related failures. The repair facility must employ a CERT (Certified Emissions Repair Technician) who has passed a state-required training program. Six Forks Station Exxon is a NC state certified emissions repair facility. Contact us at 919-848-1550 or visit us today for emission-related repairs and services.

NC State Certified Emissions Test Facility
Did you know that the Motor Vehicle Commission requires you to take your motor vehicle for an emissions inspection every year? This kind of testing is administered through a network of privately owned (but certified) auto repair shops. The auto repair shops carry their official Test Center number. Six Forks Station Exxon is a NC state certified emissions test facility. At our auto repair shop, we can perform emissions testing on all eligible vehicles regardless of fuel type or model year. Visit our shop or call us at 919-848-1550 to make an appointment.

NC State Inspection Station
NC state inspection stations are privately owned, but government certified, inspection stations throughout NC. Six Forks Station Exxon is a NC state inspection station. For your state inspection needs visit or call our auto shop at 919-848-1550.

To learn more about our Inspection and Emission services, call us at 919-848-1550 or request a quote by clicking below:

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Had my car inspected and serviced recently. I always have my 2013 Lexus cared for by Tom and his great team. I choose them over the Lexus dealership because of their quality work, fairness, and friendliness. I've been a happy customer for many years now!!!

I just recently moved to Raleigh and was looking to get my car inspected. They were very quickly able to fit me into their schedule. The day I arrived to get the inspection done they checked me in and in no time they not only had my car inspected, but were also able to replace my rear windshield wiper blade that I had been unable to find a replacement for. Many thanks to a great and friendly staff!

They replaced my wife's headlight and inspected her car. Very fast and friendly service.

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